Cat Control
Cat Attacks Bird

If Australia is so famous for its unique and diverse wildlife, why do our kids have to go to the zoo to see a frog or a lizard?
Why do we allow lazy cat owners to put their cat out every night to slaughter anything that moves?
Why is it that if a dog bites a cat the dog is a beast, but if a cat rips a parrot to pieces the cat (poor thing) is only following its instincts?
Because cat lovers who disregard their personal responsibility to our environment are writing the rules.

Click on the News tab at the top of this page, and read about how a biased committee reviewed the Companion Animals Act in 2012, and came up with a way of increasing the cat population!
Then send an email to The NSW Minister For The Environment, The Hon Gabrielle Cecelia UPTON, MBA, BA, LLB MP, at: or the Federal Minister For The Environment The Hon Greg Hunt at and tell them that you support the initiative to cull feral cats, or that you agree cats should be restricted to their owner's property, or otherwise be kept on a leash or in a cage. (You can do this after you add your name to the petition)

Want to borrow a cat trap? Click on the cat news tab and see how you can borrow a trap for free. Responsible cat owners are quite welcome to use this service. Several have borrowed traps to catch nuisance or feral cats. These cats are taken to local veterinarians for identification where feral cats can be humanely euthanased.

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Cat Control - The community needs your help.

In the existing Companion Animals Act 1998 there are pages of regulations regarding the control of dogs but only one paragraph relating to cats, which basically states that they must have microchips or identity tags on when they are off their owners property, and that they must be prevented from harming people or other animals. How is this policed? Cats roam freely (still in keeping with the current laws) and are rarely accountable for these regulations due to the lax nature of the current act, and the complacency with which we the community accept their behavior.

The situation

1. Roaming cats treat flowerbeds as kitty litter. There is a high risk of parasites from cat faeces to people unwittingly doing their gardening. Click on the cat facts tab and read about Toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasmosis is a threat to pregnant ladies and unborn children. We are warned during pregnancy to stay clear of cat litter and cat faeces, yet a person without a cat may not consider the risk when pulling up weeds in their own cat-less garden. How many unborn children are harmed in this way because of the government turning a blind eye to the dangers of not restricting cat faeces to their own litter tray?
2. Cats lounge on cars, scratching the paintwork as they climb.
3. Tomcats mark their territory indiscriminately, leaving a noxious odour.
4. They disturb peoples sleep in the night with the noises of fighting/having sex.
5. They kill the birds that we feed, and many forms of native fauna.
6. They have the potential to become or create feral cats, spreading disease such as Feline AIDS amongst domestic cat populations.

Why are cats treated differently to other pets?
If a dog defecated on a neighbour's property, or on public property for that matter, its owner would have to clean it up or face the legal consequences. Why can cats do what they like - where they like?
A similar disparity occurs with noise. A barking dog or squawking bird can result in a visit from the police or a council officer. Who defends us from cats yowling and screeching in the night?
Apart from homing pigeons, cats are the only pets that are not required to be physically restrained at all times. Why is this?

*Are they too agile? No. Monkeys, birds and lizards must be harder to keep.

*Are they too big? No. We don't let horses roam freely.

*Are they too small? No. Rodents, reptiles, and insects are easily restrained.

*Would it be cruel? No. It must be harder on a bird (or rabbit, or any other animal) to be kept in a cage, than for a cat to lounge around indoors and be kept on a property.

*Is it because they do no harm? Obviously not.

It is time start controlling cats. .

Many cats who are kept indoors by their owners lead happy lives without causing a public nuisance in the community.

I believe that cats, like dogs, should be kept on a leash whilst on public property, and should not be allowed to stray onto private property without invitation from the property owner

To this end I am compiling a petition to present to the NSW Government to amend the Companion Animals act 1998. If you share my views, please help by doing two things;
1. Add your name to the petition.

2. Forward the link and information sheet to others anywhere in NSW.

Then persuade as many people as you can to do the same, and to add their names to this petition.

Thank you.